microscopy in a sentence

The slides were evaluated by fluorescence microscopy .

Video microscopy shows that mitochondria are incredibly dynamic.

This phenomenon has been observed frequently in transmission electron microscopy .

Most techniques require sophisticated microscopy and very sensitive measurement equipment.

It provides both fluorescent and bright field microscopy features.

Various microscopy methods are employed to study the domains.

He had also begun experimenting with microscopy .

This can easily be seen using microscopy .

There are uncertainties with this approach using current microscopy techniques.

The plant is well suited for light microscopy analysis.

There are other types of scanning probe microscopy .

Roland’s paper shows electron microscopy photos of natural latex.

This method is essentially confocal laser scanning microscopy .

The corresponding technique is called interferometric microscopy .

Ultrasonic microscopy uses high frequency sound waves to image bonded interfaces.

Confirmation is either via blood tests or direct visual inspection using microscopy .

Herpes-like viral particles were seen by transmission electron microscopy .

Digital holography has mostly been applied to light microscopy .

Many different microscopy techniques are used in metallographic analysis.

Electron microscopy reveals a very weak internal protein matrix.

Today, it is the dominant fluorescence microscopy technology.