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subject to. 2. This entry was posted on February 1st, 2010 and is filed under Miscellaneous, Purchasing, Construction, Property Transactions. It is nevertheless recommended to establish an express link at least between key obligations of an agreement. Tell me--you who want to continue to be subject to Law--will you not listen to the Law? The subject matter of jurisprudence includes the study of concepts such as nature of law, legal systems and legal institutions, etc. rule. Once upon a time, deeds had property descriptions that actually described the property being conveyed. Tweet. When accepting a "subject to" offer which includes only a simple term such as "this offer is subject to the sale of the purchaser's property, stand 124 Muldersdrift, within 60 days " will mean that the seller is bound to this one purchaser for 60 days and that he/she cannot sell to another buyer within the 60 day period," says Erasmus. They would give … vassal. referring to specific sections) and, if possible, not generically be referring to this Agreement. Conversion is an intentional tort consisting of "taking with the intent of exercising over the chattel an ownership inconsistent with the real owner's right of possession". Thus, the new owner (grantee) buys the property "subject to" secured debt. Law, Meaning, and Violence. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English be subject to something be subject to something a) if someone or something is subject to something, especially something bad, it is possible or likely that they will be affected by it All flights are subject to delay. The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. If you have a real situation, this information will serve as a good springboard to get legal advice from a lawyer. NC Local Government Law. Any entity which possesses international personality is called an international person or subject of International Law. Foreign invaders are not subject to our laws. subject to synonyms, subject to pronunciation, subject to translation, English dictionary definition of subject to. Subject of Law a person—physical or juridical—who in law has the capacity to realize rights and juridical duties. nothing. Parliament makes the law but it is the roles of judges to interpret parliament’s words. An individual member of a nation, who is su ... a. subject to (liable to, law, tax, disease, delays) → soggetto/a a A PLC Commercial "Legal FAQs" article on the meaning of the phrases "subject to", "notwithstanding" and "without prejudice to" when used in commercial contracts. subject to phrase. Practical Law UK Legal Update 6-200-6238 (Approx. Define Subject to. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. referring to the acquisition of title to real property upon which there is an existing mortgage or deed of trust when the new owner agrees to take title with the responsibility to continue to make the payments on the promissory note secured by the mortgage or deed of trust. The phrases “subject to” has two meanings: (a) a cross-referencing phrase embodied in section 2.1 of the sales agreement) is conditional on the due performance of all other key obligations. → subject Rights: Meaning and theories; different kinds of rights; concept of Human Rights . (s.t.) If the conditionality is established and the purchaser breaches its obligations, the seller is deemed (in hindsight) to have remained the owner and has a claim for damages. Learn more. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Exposed or open to By continuing to browse the site, you agree with us to our use of it. The expression indicates that the parties are still negotiating and … Already registered? subject: [noun] one that is placed under authority or control: such as. SUBJECT, contracts. one who lives in the territory of, enjoys the protection of, and owes allegiance to a sovereign power or state. For example, your property may be subject to easements for water lines, sewer lines, electric lines, gas lines, or you may have an easement to use someone else’s driveway. as a restatement of customary international law, the Montevideo Convention merely codified existing legal norms and its principles and therefore does not apply merely to the signatories, but to all subjects of international law as a whole. This is the British English definition of subject to something.View American English definition of subject to something.. Change your default dictionary to American English. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Definition of SUBJECT TO: 1. Case law has largely smoothed the effects of the underlying legal concepts but not entirely. What does "Not Subject To" Mean in law? Such a transfer must be approved by the lender, since the new owner's credit may or may not be as strong as the original owner/borrower. ... consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. adj. About the author. one subject to a monarch and governed by the monarch's law. Avoid combining the words subject to with except as provided in one sentence. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary It might be outdated or ideologically biased. Subject to Contract Law and Legal Definition. Being under domination as of a authority or government subject to the whims of the boss.3. US style, 3.6 Blank space after the body of the contract, 3.7 Signature blocks, seals and witnesses, 3.9 Notarisation, legalisation and apostilles, 5.1 General matters: fonts, spacing, alignment and margins, (ii) Characteristics: Helvetica, Times New Roman and Garamond, (b) About spacing, alignment and margins: readability, (ii) Alignment: justified, left aligned, right aligned, (c) The issue of ‘include’ and ‘without limitation’, (i) ‘…not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed', (m) ‘To the maximum extent permitted by law’, (c) Not shall and will (but only one of them), (j) Use of ‘when’, ‘if’ and ‘to the extent that’, (l) Certain vague terms: without undue delay, (a) Best practice rules on drafting numbers, 7 Definitions and contract interpretation clauses, 7.1 Definitions and defined terms – best practice rules, (a) Principles related to the use of defined terms in contracts, (b) Principles related to the place and presentation of defined terms, (c) Principles related to drafting the text of a definition, 7.2 Interpretation guidelines for standard words and phrases, (c) ‘Best endeavours’ and ‘commercially reasonable efforts’, 8.1 Conditions, conditional clauses and triggering events, (a) General observations about conditions, (b) Subject matters adjacent to conditions, (c) Best practice rules on drafting conditions – intro and overview, (e) Carve-outs and baskets: exceptions to covenants, (c) Warranties, not representations and warranties, (d) A warranty is incorrect (or untrue), but not breached, (g) Fitness for purpose and merchantability, (k) Warranties in ordinary course business contracts, (l) Warranty aspects in major transactions (M&A), 8.4 Limitations of liability and indemnities, 8.6 Miscellaneous ('boilerplate') clauses, (h) Further assurance (duty to cooperate), (l) Independent contractors (‘no partnership established’), (b) Dispense with "…excluding its conflicts of law provisions". 3 under the authority of: ministers are subject to the laws of the land. referring to the acquisition of title to real property upon which there is an existing mortgage or deed of trust when the new owner agrees to take title with the responsibility to continue to make the payments on the promissory note secured by the mortgage or deed of trust. Clearly, the rights and obligations of the parties to a contract must be established by considering the agreement as a whole rather than each clause in isolation. Legal definition for SUBJECT: (A) contracts. Par ailleurs, en vertu de la primaut é du droit, les j uges mêmes sont assujett is à la loi . click for more detailed meaning in Hindi, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. Subject to definition is - affected by or possibly affected by (something). At the same time, under the rule of law, judges themselves are also subject to the law. Definition of subject in the Idioms Dictionary. An individual member of a nation, who is subject to the laws; this term is used in contradistinction to citizen, which is applied to the same individual when considering his political rights. How to use subject to in a sentence. To access this resource, sign up for a free trial of Practical Law. legal subject definition in English dictionary, legal subject meaning, synonyms, see also 'legal aid',legal cap',legal holiday',legal medicine'. Obviously, a contradiction should be clarified; and an overlap of provisions would require revision or a clarification as well. Best practice rules. On the contrary, the object of law is what is not a subject of law; therefore, it can be subject to property and can be material (car, house, clothing) or immaterial (intellectual property). Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Specialist in American Public Law September 24, 2014 Congressional Research Service 7-5700 97-589 .

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