faded d on kik am i blocked

I know what faded D means but will I still see a faded D if Im blocked or a solid D? Faded D means "delivered". Kik faded d am i blocked. As mentioned, a light D means the message has been delivered to the phone but the Kik app has not yet acknowledged receipt. Will I still see a faded D if I'm blocked on Kik messenger? I'm not blocked as I did start a group test. but it doesn't mean he seen it. It has three message status markers, S, D and R that appear once you have sent a message. A faded D occurs next to messages sent to iPhones. It means that we have sent the push notification of your message to the recipient but they have not yet opened the app in order to receive the message on their phone. I know that Faded D means that they got a push message alert about the kik message so please don't tell me that! if i send a bbm, my phone shows a d (delivered) or r (received/read). Porls2. ( it should say S

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