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Cette option n'est pas incluse dans votre Interrail Pass. Since then, several countries have built extensive high-speed networks, and there are now several cross-border high-speed rail links. Balkan countries map. Rail Europe tickets are a great alternative to flying. Tickets can be sent to your home address free of charge or collected at a French station or a Rail Europe shop in Milan, Madrid, Geneva, Cologne (€10 supplement payable). Grâce à l'Interrail Pass, vous pouvez voyager dans tous les pays figurant sur la carte ferroviaire européenne ci-dessus, y compris la Grande-Bretagne.Veuillez noter qu'une réservation à l'avance est nécessaire pour la plupart des trains à grande vitesse et de nuit. The map below shows the bigger cities in Europe, to which cities they are connected and how long it takes to travel between them. 2000x1500 / 749 Kb Go to Map. Leaflet | www, Map data © 2014 OpenStreetMap contributors, Imagery © 2014 OpenStreetMap contributors You can track trains on several contents. Our interactive train map of Europe highlights some of the most popular rail routes across Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Our interactive train map of Europe highlights some of the most popular rail routes across Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. 1245x1012 / 490 Kb Go to Map. As Australasia's leading rail expert - We sell Eurail, Britrail, Eurostar, rail passes and trains in Europe, Britain, USA, Japan, Canada and much more. 3750x2013 / 1,23 Mb Go to Map. Ideal for European residents travelling within the European Economic Area, Ideal for non-European residents and non-European passport holders. Don’t worry though, we’ve put together ultimate guides on travelling by train in different European countries that’ll answer all your questions about train and ticket types, discounts and destinations. Our Trip Planner will help you find the perfect Pass for your trip! Fare discrepancies between this big map and the smaller country-/region-specific fare maps reflect the fact that, in some cases, a single ticket for a long stretch can be cheaper than separate tickets for stops made en route on that same stretch. As Australasia's leading rail expert - We sell Eurail, Britrail, Eurostar, rail passes and trains in Europe, Britain, USA, Japan, Canada and much more. Europe Map; Asia Map; Africa Map; North America Map; South America Map; Oceania Map; Advertising. Travellers looking for more detail than one might find on the Rail Map Europe might sensibly turn to the wonderful range of atlases published by Mike Ball. Nice to know: you may also track VIA trains (Canadian trains) in this map. If you’re planning on travelling through several different countries during your European trip, a Rail Pass can be a cost-effective way to travel by train. Book trains to Brussels, Disneyland, Paris and connect to other European cities. Europe travel information, airfares, cruises and train travel; Europe weather forecasts and current conditions; Europe Map. routes in our map below to find journey times and where to book your tickets. The Rail Map Europe comes with an impeccable pedigree, for it is regularly updated by the expert team who compile the monthly European Rail Timetable. * Not all of our trains/destinations are shown on this map. Imagine taking in the breath taking views of the European Alps, the Med, the Adriatic, the Greek Isles and much more. We have updated this map for the year 2020. en franCe et en europe Grâce à ses liaisons nationales et internationales, snC f rend la rance et l’europe accessibles et donne ainsi une nouvelle dimension à vos voyages... sn C f - 2, place aux Étoiles C s 70001 93633 La p laine - s aint-d enis Cedex - r.C. It's an interactive map, so start clicking around and planning your trip! A Travellers Railway map of Europe is an' excellent detailed map of European rail routes, ideal for travelling around Europe by train. 1.866.938.7245 2000x1500 / 749 Kb Go to Map. Has our European train map given you some ideas? Find out about the different European trains like sleeper trains, chocolate trains, high speed trains and the provided facilities for a clear idea of what train travel in Europe is all about! THANK YOU! B Barcelona Belgrade Berlin Brussels Bucharest Budapest. I Istanbul. You will be redirected to our new B2B site in 5 seconds, or click here to redirect immediately. Night Trains in Europe Map and Directory. Services de plans, calcul d'itinéraires et guide d'adresses pour préparer vos déplacements sur toutes les routes de Belgique et d’Europe. High-speed rail in Europe is emerging as an increasingly popular and efficient means of transport. Rail means travel—so there’s no better way to understand who we are and what we do than to explore our rail maps. Train-Fare Maps: How Much Would You Pay Without a Pass? Planning a trip around Europe by train and don’t know where to start? Many high speed trains continue on ordinary train tracks to serve destinations throughout Europe. Check out our, Ideal for European residents travelling within the European. Copyright © 2020 Limited and its affiliated companies. Rail Europe Map 2020. Europe is the planet's 6th largest continent AND includes 47 countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. La position des trains est calculée sur base des horaires, des informations en temps réel et des prévisions. European Union countries map. THANK YOU! The best prices from hundreds of train and coach companies, Join millions of people who use us every day, Travel to thousands of destinations in 45 countries. Itinéraires en train avec Mappy. Plot your journey to Europe. S Sofia Saint Petersburg Stockholm. 2500x1254 / 595 Kb Go to Map. Planning your trip is half the fun and with these itineraries you get to see the very best of Europe! Europe by Night Train Main Destinations. Description: This map shows high speed lines, mail lines, secondary lines and railway stations in Europe. If a route you had in mind isn’t featured on our map, check out some of our other most popular train journeys in Europe below. Spain has an extensive rail network of value to the tourist seeking to visit large and medium cities and towns.

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