merger in a sentence

Effective merger control requires effective judicial redress.

The merger was abandoned five months later amid falling oil prices.

The merger may touch off huge gravity waves.

The merger process has been both intense and thorough.

Special criteria apply for mergers between financial institutions.

Many deals involve merger and acquisition financing.

Not all media merger attempts are successful.

This investment is achieved or accomplished mostly via mergers & acquisitions.

The coordinating committee also encouraged union mergers .

Other mergers with smaller independent manufacturers followed.

Such mergers are used more by older speakers.

Hospital consolidation through mergers and acquisitions remains steady.

This merger occurred due to religious disputes.

The mergers caused heated political and legal battles.

After many mergers there are currently 27 water boards left.

The merger immediately led to significant market success.

This danger is especially apparent in conglomerate mergers .

Now mergers are common for cost effective administration.

The merger was contingent upon shareholder and regulatory approval.

The merger was suspended following the violence .

In that case merger negotiations were taking place.

This merger has already yielded cost reductions and service efficiencies.

There has been a merger between 2 completely different internet services.

In galaxy clusters, such mergers are frequent.