mentor in a sentence

To be always ready for war, said mentor, is the surest way to avoid it.

Turns out that Trujillo has been a mentor of Claure’s for many years.

Schedule regular meetings with your mentor to stay on his or her radar.

Sandy (Koufax) always said, ‘That’s the goal,’ Kershaw said of his mentor.

George Lucas: I was thinking that this old guy could have been his mentor.

35048 Along the way he served as a mentor and employer to many Northerners.

Kouachi and Coulibaly had a mentor in common, a radical named Djamel Beghal.

On the advice of his mentor, he pursued a law degree at Brooklyn Law School.

Having a mentor who inspires you in various aspects of life is what you need.

His name was Misha, and he was a mentor of sorts to Tamerlan, Khozhugov said.

That’s my biggest fear, Michael Branch, Lloyd’s former coach and mentor, said.

Try seeking out a trusted colleague or mentor to take this challenge with you.

While in school she is mentored and expected to mentor others in her community.

Benny Walker, of Australia, is in town this week to mentor local indigenous artists.

Many of the young men they had been trying to mentor were now headed to Rikers Island.

That comes as little surprise to Omalu’s mentor and colleague, played by Albert Brooks.

The commission also ordered the judge to undergo four hours of education with a mentor.

This will give them an opportunity to pass along their skills to mentor others, she said.

As a proud mentor, Stegner beams with pride at the accomplishments of her former protege.