mental illness in a sentence

mental illnesses are biologically based brain disorders.

No mention of ” mental illness “.

No universally accepted definition of mental illness exists.

mental illness creates enormous social and economic costs.

We must stop associating violence with mental illness .

Using mental illnesses as adjectives has become completely normal.

Recovery from mental illness is often possible.

Patients with mental illness are particularly vulnerable.

mental illness became a very profitable business indeed.

These are without a doubt mental illnesses .

Sleep disruption may actually exacerbate the mental illness state.

He is still under doctor care for mental illness .

The same is true of mental illness .

mental illness and mental handicap are grave social problems.

Nash has suggested hypotheses on mental illness .

Nobody had planned a mental illness service before.

mental illness is ultimately a social definition .

The stigma of mental illness is serious.

mental illness is rife and neighbour still fears neighbour.

mental illness is really caused by demonic oppression.

Explanation: “underlying mental illness “.

By the way mental illness is hereditary.

Why is alcoholism classified as a mental illness ?

How about mental illness as defined today has multiple causes?

You need the same for ” mental illness “.