Menial in a sentence

use Menial in a sentence


[adjective] relatig to unskilled, humble work;

He made his living by beating carpets, carrying bags, shoveling snow and doing other menial labouring jobs.

It was a menial job, and only those of the lower economic classes would consider doing it.

He took on some menial jobs such as gravedigger and hospital orderly, and spent some time in a mental institution and even in prison.

His job is to carry out the menial tasks, fetch and carry, make sure things are tidied up after work.

The only work I’ve ever done is menial part-time stuff to pay for university.

As a Somali refugee, he took menial jobs including delivering milk to Toronto’s large Somali community.

People with skills and abilities are going to be forced to take menial jobs — jobs for which they are seriously over-qualified.

In and out of menial jobs, he earned enough money to travel further, living rough and sleeping at the roadside.

he failed to complete his degree, failed to keep his teching posts, and ended his life performing menial work.