megaton in a sentence

The average hurricane generates energy roughly equivalent to 400 20-megaton bombs exploding in one day.

Jean noted that in 2013, Alberta emitted 267 megatonnes of greenhouse gases.

The remaining 90 megatonnes of projected cuts would be achieved by the provinces and cities.

The other carries two 20 megaton devices.

Goggle Yellow used Yellow Opal megaton Ball and Super Ball to attack back.

The team was caught in an explosion of a 6 megaton bomb and believed to be dead.

Creation Amy Belcher first appeared in the Savage Dragon Vs Savage megaton Man special as a villainess named Sensation.

The first was the dirtiest, the 15 megaton Bravo shot of Operation Castle on March 1, 1954, the largest ever U.S. test.

An object is assigned a 0 to 10 value based on its collision probability and its kinetic energy (expressed in megatons of TNT ).

The Western hemisphere would soon be in range of and vulnerable to Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles, carrying megaton warheads.

If a 20 megaton bomb were used today the damage would be incalculable.

From inside the car came the deep bass rumble of a two megaton audio system.

It is thought the ‘backpacks’ on the Commanders contain rare and exotic equipment needed to use this weapon, accounting for the megaton explosion on the destruction of these units.

The Dong Feng-5 (DF-5) liquid-fueled missile, first deployed in 1981, has a range of 13,000 km and carries a single multi-megaton warhead.

A typical hurricane produces the energy equivalent of 8, 000 one megaton bombs.

This unit will yield a 50 – megaton nuclear blast in ten seconds.

AES is by far one of the surfactants most used and in large quantity with annual consumption reaching megaton.

Oman: We studied the scenario of using 100 Hiroshima-size bombs, the fires from which would inject upward of 5 teragrams (megatons) of black carbon particles into Earth’s upper troposphere.

A megaton is a term used to describe one million tons of TNT.

Carried by B-52 bombers, the “bunker busters” used five parachutes to land softly on their targets before detonating a nine megaton explosion, in effect simulating an earthquake.

Even a modest aerial explosion like the fifteen-megaton Tunguska event would utterly devastate a modern city.

AES is by far one of the surfactants most used and in large quantity with annual consumption reaching megaton.

Within a millisecond after detonation, the diameter of the fireball from a 1 megaton (Mt) air burst is 150 m.

Thousands of chunks of material from the comet would have rained down on Earth, each one releasing the energy of a one megaton nuclear bomb.

Even if it were only a dozen, they could with megaton bombs inflict widespread devastation.