mediocre in a sentence

Reception Reviews have been mediocre to negative.

They then played out three consecutive mediocre seasons.

He was only 5 feet tall at the time and mediocre at the game.

Within both locations, property rights over land are mediocre.

Starting with a mediocre 77, he went through the last 36 holes with a 71-69.

In the article Liszt described Thalberg’s music as mediocre, monotous, and pretentious.

The 1972-1974 seasons would be mediocre, as Arkansas struggled to defeat the Texas teams.

The audio received comments ranging from mediocre to good, and the voice acting was widely panned.

After a mediocre first half, the White Sox decided that they needed speed at the top of the lineup.

Talk of Kotooshu’s possible promotion to yokozuna is silenced after he turns in a mediocre 9-6 score.

Conservative forces exploited these divisions, and revolutionaries suffered from mediocre leadership.

While he improved on an individual level, the Mavericks missed the playoffs after a mediocre 40-42 season.

Critical reception Criticism of mediocre has been mostly positive, and many critics highly acclaim the album.

And, ironically, they were all perfect in the same, uninteresting way so that ended up making them all mediocre.

Additionally, Brooks muses that “good” programmers are generally five to ten times as productive as mediocre ones.

Despite his success in the high school ranks, his success at Notre Dame was mixed and his record mediocre at best.

However, some critics gave it a lower score for having overly complicated gameplay and mediocre English voice acting.

The shy Howard brother was a mediocre student academically, but excelled as an athlete on the school basketball team.

The episode earned mediocre Nielsen household and syndication ratings when compared to other episodes during the season.

The Thrintun developed a mediocre philosophic tradition in response to their need for control over their aggressive drives.

Major criticisms of the GTO continued to center on its slow steering (ratio of 17.5:1, four turns lock-to-lock) and mediocre brakes.