medication in a sentence

Long-term use of some medications can lead to dependency.

Alcohol often enhances the effect of sleeping medications.

medications are not covered by your health insurance policy.

One dose of this medication should be enough to stop the infection.

You may feel some dizziness or nausea as a result of the medication.

medications can sometimes relieve some cold symptoms, such as a cough.

You should always read the label carefully before taking any medication.

Always ask your doctor about any medication he or she prescribes for you.

The medication the doctor prescribed for him rendered him incapable of having sex.

Her new medication helps to keep her from constantly alternating between extreme moods.

It is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the medication after such a short time.

She had a severe allergic reaction to the medication the doctor gave her, and almost died.

The patient had a mild reaction to the medication – some drowsiness and a bit of a stomachache.

The old man talked to his doctor about getting some medication to help him achieve an erection.

According to the information on the label, you should take this medication just before meal time.

Side effects of medications, stress, anxiety, or drinking alcohol may sometimes make you feel dizzy.

He has occasional bouts of depression, but has been able to deal with the problem without medication.

I read in a tabloid that boxer Mike Tyson is taking some kind of medication to control his aggression.

Their grandmother’s behavior changed radically once she was put on medication for Alzheimer’s disease.

Your doctor and your pharmacist are your best sources of information about your prescription medications.