medical school in a sentence

I was already a medical school graduate.

The academy has a high status among pediatric medical schools .

Also university medical schools might be interested.

medical schools and teaching hospitals are closely integrated.

These medical schools are usually affiliated with regional hospitals.

medical school curriculum consists of five years.

medical school was established in 1968.

Will medical school expansion help diversify the physician workforce?

Five major buildings form the medical school complex.

Her goal is to join medical school .

That might include graduate or medical school .

The standard Indonesian medical school curriculum is six years long.

The standard U.S. medical school curriculum is four years long.

medical school tuition costs are billed per annum.

One reason why may be how medical school itself operates.

She began taking the prerequisites for medical school .

He regularly speaks at leading medical schools and universities.

Michelle is going to begin medical school next year.

Some medical schools have faculty advisors specific to each field.

Tree for predicting admissions to medical school .