Meanwhile: in a sentence

The closing hole meanwhile is another great hole.
Meanwhile net migration has become very negative.
But the dire arrest was meanwhile greater.
The city itself was meanwhile full of alarm.
Mother had bought a few things meanwhile .
Meanwhile the battle was growing hot again.
Meanwhile the cavalry was aligned behind those wings.
LG 2 meanwhile had been and gone.
The villagers were meanwhile barred from leaving.
Public elementary schools meanwhile are organized into three districts.
Meanwhile wrought iron axles failures were a problem.
Meanwhile valuable iron ore traffic was obtained in 1907.
Meanwhile fighting had already broken out nearby.
Meanwhile new key allies had been gained.
Meanwhile the campaigners are busy making protest banners.
Meanwhile more and more animals are being dumped.
Meanwhile the housing stock was being changed.
Meanwhile some fundamental questions are being asked.
James meanwhile was making decisions concerning his future.
Meanwhile , impressive literary authors were coming aboard.
Meanwhile , direct action against nuclear tests becomes more frequent.
Meanwhile , small farms hold communities together.
Meanwhile , smaller banks were usually independently owned.
Meanwhile , traditional electricity generation is becoming progressively more expensive.
Meanwhile , several more townspeople are mysteriously killed.