mathematically || in a sentence

He understood mathematically why a spherical mirror produces aberration .

Any loud noise can be measured mathematically.

George worked out the dimensions of the coffee table mathematically, so Terry could build it.

Your daughter is obviously mathematically gifted, and should consider a career as a physicist.

Seen purely mathematically, his second term in office ends on 26 August.

Meanwhile, Serbia has been mathematically eliminated from qualifying for Euro 2016.

Under this condition, using Situation Semantics to rebuild modal logic, trying to develop a formal system which is dynamically sensitive and mathematically rigor, determines one of the basic trends…

Anyone can be an astrologer as long as they are mathematically minded.

Keynes offered a mathematically elegant solution to why the world economy had stagnated and how government deficit spending could bring prompt recovery.

Each element is mathematically coupled to its neighbours.

Each element is mathematically coupled to its neighbours.

Academics and employers are deeply concerned that students are not sufficiently prepared mathematically for university courses.