masterpiece in a sentence

The result was another action adventure masterpiece .

Their masterpieces were witty birthday and leaving cards.

The house soon become his architectural masterpiece .

These six are exceedingly far from masterpieces .

The game has been called a flawed masterpiece .

This website design is a true masterpiece .

Drawing activity lets little fingers create their own masterpieces 4 .

His games are not exactly unforgettable masterpieces .

What was left was a breathtaking masterpiece .

They are masterpieces of visual scientific communication.

Many of his masterpieces became modern classics.

The writing is a masterpiece in girl speak.

But the masterpiece was completed only 75 years later.

A dash of garlic completes the masterpiece .

The finale is a masterpiece in itself.

He wrote a true masterpiece of creative nonfiction.

The writing style is a masterpiece of skill.

Actually it is a herbal smoking blend masterpiece .

The periodic table is a masterpiece of organised chemical information.

His poems and short stories are masterpieces translated into many languages.

Several of these poems are little masterpieces .

The crescent in particular is an architectural masterpiece .

Between 1876 and 1884 he published several masterpieces .

The house stands independently as a masterpiece .

This song became very popular and later became her masterpiece .