masculine in a sentence

Charlus is vain and snobbish, by turns demonstratively masculine and abjectly effeminate, both silly and profound.

Men like to look masculine.

Some women look more masculine than feminine.

She has a very masculine voice, very deep for a woman.

Your brother looks very masculine in his new navy uniform.

Do you think wearing a business suit makes a woman look too masculine?
Everyone has both masculine and feminine traits, in my opinion.

In French, nouns show either masculine or feminine gender only.

A French proverb claims that words are feminine, deeds masculine.

Find someone who thinks this is a marvelous city to live in.

I don’t like female body-builders because they look too masculine to me.

Amos Alcott once suggested that debate is masculine, conversation is feminine.

Boxing and wrestling were traditionally considered to be more masculine sports.

Discussion question: Do you believe that everyone has a masculine and a feminine side? mask
Back in the day, it wasn’t considered masculine for a guy to dye his hair or wear earrings.

Studies show that women are increasingly entering traditionally masculine trades and professions.

She has a very masculine sounding voice, so when she’s talking on the phone people often mistake her for a man.

Hermione Gingold once remarked that fighting is essentially a masculine idea because a woman’s weapon is her tongue.

masculine traits, such as a deep voice, and body hair are somewhat dependent on the presence of the male hormone testosterone.

Corita Kent once suggested that women’s liberation is the liberation of the feminine in the man, and the masculine in the woman.