Marquee in a sentence

Definition of Marquee

(American) a big sign above the entrance of a theatre or cinema giving the name of the play or film

(British) a large tent for an activity like party

Use Marquee in a sentence

I sold tickets at the entrance of that marquee.

Their names were in larger typeface on the theater marquee than the title.

Inside the truck stop restaurant, waitresses served the $10.95 T-bone special advertised on the marquee near the exit.

The other marquee film is Speed Racer, a family action story about a driver from a racing family who discovers race fixing on the circuit.

The hotel management put a neon marquee on the front and added elevators in the front lobby.

I walked under the ladder of a man updating the marquee bulbs.

The marquee was missing several letters, making the building look like an old witch whose teeth were dropping out one by one.

The entrance, with its triangular marquee, still retained its capacity to evoke wonder in him.

Nearly every Christmas TV special has its marquee stars: its Rudolphs and Frostys, Charlie Browns and Grinches.

The dinner will be held in a marquee in Friary Gardens. (tent)

Andersons Home Catering will do a meal in a marquee for 400.