market gardening in a sentence

The family also tried unsuccessfully to engage in market gardening .

The railway boosted Kenilworth’s market gardening .

At the same time, farms specializing in market gardening disappeared.

He seemed to recall some casual acquaintance saying something recently about market gardening .

The mainstay of the village was market gardening and small-scale farming.

These volcanoes have weathered to produce excellent soils that are used for market gardening .

Rural women, prospective teachers, were trained in housekeeping, farming and market gardening .

They also dominated rubber industry, market gardening , sugar production, and fish exporting.

market gardening along the eastern bank of Muddy Creek continued for over 130 years.

Many of the early migrants made a living through market gardening and scrub clearing.

The soil is very good for market gardening and growing vegetables due to Marl bands.

With the provisions rotting in the storehouses the older families lost interest in market gardening .

It was essentially farming and market gardening country and Altrincham itself was a small market town.

I know about market gardening and I could make a go of that.

It’s an old market gardening trick which gets your seedlings off to a flying start.

With more than 12000 inhabitants, the availability of land for market gardening is steadily diminishing.

They ran a business together from home when I was growing up, doing market gardening .

She also attempted to start an enterprise in market gardening as part of the war effort.

A landscape of predominantly arable farming with some conspicuous areas of market gardening , particularly around Hull.

The main economic activity of the Feltham area was market gardening until well into the twentieth century.

market gardening for fresh vegetables and glasshouses for tomatoes and flowers are common near Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Once noted for market gardening , it is now heavily built up into a sprawling coastal conurbation.

Not only fertile grounds, but also mild climate is conductive to development of agriculture and market gardening .

In 1914 ill health forced him to leave the railway works, and he took up market gardening .

Jeanne ploughed her own furrow – quite literally during the war , when she took up market gardening .