mapped in a sentence

The clan system mapped onto battlefield organization.

The result is thousands of sales mapped every week.

An address space with four mapped regions.

Fixed points are mapped to fixed points.

Configuration space registers are mapped to memory locations.

Human genome was finally mapped in 2001 .

The entire human mitochondrial DNA molecule has been mapped .

A hijacked truck’s progress was mapped .

Most geographical areas have been mapped at different scales.

In fact the danger zones are already mapped out.

Significant wetlands should be mapped and protected through zoning regulations.

These were detected and mapped out during connection negotiation.

Only craters larger than 30 km in diameter are mapped .

Over 120 mi of cave passage has been explored and mapped .

The frame table holds information about which frames are mapped .

The amount of sequence tags mapped to each chromosome was counted.

Central 9 square kilometers of the site mapped .

The path to glory was mapped out.

To achieve this each site is surveyed precisely and mapped .

Bit mapped images are also generated by scanners.

The sources must be volumes and mapped correctly.

His survey parties mapped many prominent features along the Pacific coast.

The scenes were mapped out, approximately.

Customer details are held securely with mobile numbers mapped against current accounts.

Excel automatically surrounds the mapped cells with a blue colored border.