manhole cover in a sentence

I had center field, behind the third manhole cover .

Originally he used trash can lids or manhole covers .

And manhole covers may explode in the nation ‘s capital on occasion.

Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones?

manhole covers in the District of Columbia often blow up.

No it’s that clanking manhole cover .

I was picking apples last Sunday when I noticed a collapsing manhole cover .

And there’s manhole covers as you come out the bend.

The Claimant was an elderly lady who tripped on a raised manhole cover .

Open up the drain manhole covers with your spade and long screwdrivers.

I lifted a manhole cover last Sunday and underneath was a male Smooth Newt.

Johnny Dee lifted the manhole cover and peered without enthusiasm into the depths beneath.

However, local people reported that the earth shook and that manhole covers blew off.

The claimant slipped and fell on a manhole cover sustaining a fracture to their wrist.

Entrance to these was from a manhole cover in the floor of the canteen.

Here on our street , the overflow is bouncing the manhole cover like a cork.

To this day, some of the manhole covers bear the Carrick Borough name.

The ‘mini obelisk’ is located under a manhole cover close to the actual monument.

The top of the inspection chamber has a metal frame into which the manhole cover fits.

Another 1200 manhole covers in a 16-kilometre radius from his hotel have been treated similarly.

Council bosses blamed the black ice on water coming from a manhole cover and running onto the road .

The County Board is writing legislation which would outlaw the carrying of concealed manhole covers on county property.

There are bridges, hills and manhole covers as well as poor road conditions to be aware of.

If you have a manhole cover where your extension is being built then these needs to be moved.

Somewhere, right in the middle of no-man’s land in fact, a manhole cover flipped aside.