Mallet in a sentence

Use Mallet in a sentence

Mallet meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun]1. wooden hammer; 2. stick used for polo ;

Firstly, you should drive tent pegs into the ground with a mallet.

Unroll it and tap it into the ground with a mallet.

When you first try croquet, you will firstly need a pair of shoes with soft, flat soles, but pretty soon you will want your own mallet.

The ball is then struck with the mallet.

The most popular style of play in which the mallet is swung between the legs rather than to the side of the body.

During that turn he may not strike his partner ball with his mallet.

Alternatively, a hard rubber mallet may be used to nail the sticks.

A wooden mallet is used by masons.

She led us up to the door of the unfinished house, where a rather little woman was working with mallet and chisel on the wall nearby.