malfunction in a sentence

The malfunctions are often catastrophical.

Currently the system is debated and malfunctioning.

In the video release, no trace is left of this malfunction.

Sandoval’s CVI malfunctions and frees him of Taelon control.

He later described the incident as a ” wardrobe malfunction “.

Discrepancies would identify malfunctioning and malicious nodes.

If such drivers malfunction, they do not cause system instability.

Tobio recovers and saves everyone in the vicinity of the malfunction.

In 2004 the class was certified as backup power for malfunctioning locomotives.

Due to the system malfunctions, many of the steps would have to be done manually.

The runway lights malfunctioned in stage 2-3, resulting in closure of the runway.

A gas release valve malfunctioned and the flight was aborted shortly after takeoff.

The plane suddenly bucks, and an apparent malfunction occurs and the plane crashes.

He had been trying to take down a helicopter with the rocket, when it malfunctioned.

Seeking shelter in the high grass, the Verbilangs give chase but then “malfunction“.

Passengers often have trouble opening the exit hatches and slides sometimes malfunction.

On its first day out, the MAV malfunctioned, causing Carter’s day to repeat in a time loop.

Zombies attack, killing Duke and dragging Sarge through a malfunctioning bulletproof screen.

He stumbled upon Proto Man one day, who was dying when his energy system was malfunctioning.

He was charged with dereliction of duty after a CIWS gun malfunction on the USS Wake Island.

The machine malfunctioned and all the people that disappeared got trapped between dimensions.

The fifth sleeper ship, Hispania, suffered a malfunction en-route and was abandoned in deep space.

Jeremy and the squip agree on the theory that Rich was drunk with the squip on, and it malfunctioned.

616549 Indeed, the ship appears virtually normal, aside from a few mechanical malfunctions due to age.

The death animation for Bino shows his suit malfunctioning before he falls into a vat of acid and dies.

So she had Ivan burn down the Alamain mansion and make it look like it was caused by a furnace malfunction.

A ride malfunction caused a cable to snap and a cord to wrap around the girl’s feet, amputating both of them.

A malfunction did not allow everyone to beam back at once, so Hayes sent everyone possible ahead of him first.

His death animation shows his jet pack malfunctioning and he falls, but ejects and begins parachute to safety.

In less than 5% of cases, the THR will malfunction through loosening of the acetabular cup or femoral fracture.

In Green Lantern: Secret Origins, it is revealed that the Manhunters suffered from a malfunction in their logic.

Avengers 211 Wandering the country, Jocasta discovered that her cybernetic senses and powers were malfunctioning.

Several gear wheel malfunctions during service caused heavy damage to motor and transmission of the affected units.

Isaac Sumdac even mentions a slight malfunction with one of the robots harming the Police Captain’s wife previously.

;Volume 6 : Ponta finds herself with more troubles in this volume, as her Guru-Guru bone has started to malfunction!