malevolent in a sentence

Since 1991, the “natural interests” of the malevolent forces in the world – authority, the intelligence agencies, and the military – had taken over.

Is he able, but not willing? then is he malevolent.

He was more of a guest character than a malevolent alien.

The malevolent spirit entered his body and thus Moo was reborn.

Institutions must be in place to check incompetent or malevolent leaders.

This entity is generally associated with negative and malevolent influences.

It would fix a malevolent image of the new Administration in the minds of millions.”

Traditionally malevolent, this character is liable to chase spectators and “sting” them.

The windows are often illuminated in the films, giving the appearance of malevolent eyes.

Yet, even together, their strength may not be enough to hold back the most malevolent of forces.

Faced with the enormity of this malevolent power play, Dr. Jon Smith sets out to find the perpetrators.

malevolent magicians operated by enslaving the spirits through offerings and deeds displeasing to Allah.

Unlike his My-HiME incarnation, this Nagi is outright malevolent and more of a warmonger and mastermind.

Due to his mannerisms and obvious malevolent intent, “Sneering Bastard” was the pseudonym given to him by Kyon.

Several other dragons and dragon-like creatures, all of them malevolent, are mentioned in Zoroastrian scripture.

Witches are individuals who possess an internal organ giving them extraordinary power, generally malevolent power.

He speculates that psychosis starts only when the malevolent image of the parent is transformed “into a distressing other”.

The malleability of the Digital World makes it a frequent target of attack from within and from humans with malevolent intentions.

She also makes three new enemies in the Sinister Sisters, a triad of malevolent witches with whom Dylan is immediately infatuated.

Uses of code injection Intentional use malevolent Use of code injection is typically viewed as a malevolent action, and it often is.

In Teutonic myth and folklore, the alps used to be rather friendly elf-like beings but eventually turned more negative and malevolent.