Malefactor in a sentence

Use Malefactor in a sentence

Malefactor meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun]a wrong-doer, someone doing illegal things;

These domains are registered by malefactors for the purpose of abusing old people.

John holds the malefactors at gun point, while Cranston lets in the police.

Other witnesses of the incident called the police, who arrested the malefactor.

The responding law enforcement officers immediately detained the malefactor. The woman was diagnosed with serious injuries.

Mankind divides itself into two classes,– benefactors and malefactors.

Franklin Roosevelt joyously battled what he called the “malefactors of great wealth.”

At present the malefactor is threatened by punishment in the form of five years in prison.

If Woodley is the protagonist in this film, Kate Winslet is the malefactor. To see Winslet play a negative role as the icy queen is refreshing and a break from her usual characters.