Maladroit in a sentence

Use Maladroit in a sentence

Maladroit meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] clumsy; unskillful;

When I am tired, I may be a little clumsy and maladroit at finding the appropriate words in my article.

In the comedy movie, Woodcock falls in love with a shy, maladroit German waitress at the country hotel where he happens to be staying.

So I find it easy to forgive the people who actually wanted to help but were just maladroit.

Though maladroit and slightly silly, Yumi is also very kind and friendly.

Similarly, the character of Mitch is something of a social maladroit, chivalrous but dull.

In some of their efforts, Mr. Cheney and his agent, Mr. Libby, appeared even maladroit in the art of media management.

Both men are unhappy about the maladroit way the matter has been handled, and are in the mood to refuse to be interviewed.