Make sure in a sentence

Make sure you allow sufficient braking distance.

Riders should make sure the skewers are properly tightened before riding.

We should make sure that the underlying message is not obscured.

He will make sure you are safely on your way home.

He will make sure that they are looked after and helped.

make sure that corrective lenses are current.

Make sure everyone knows what is expected.

Make sure you are passing valid financial data.

Make sure seat belts and shoulder straps are secure.

Make sure they are drinking enough fluids.

His constituents should make sure he feels their anger.

Firms should make sure they follow their internal procedures.

You should make sure that your transmission has adequate gear oil.

We will make sure to make improvements based on your feedback.

Reputable companies will make sure you’re satisfied for each step.

It will make sure that your trading education is thorough and complete.