maintain in a sentence

use maintain in a sentence


1. [verb] to cause to remain or keep in a certain state, position, or activity;

The coach needs to maintain a good, honest communication with all his players.

The most essential minerals to the human body are salt for maintaining water levels, iron for red blood cells, and calcium for bones.

The roads haven’t been properly maintained, and now are full of cracks and potholes.

It takes more than 8,000 workers to operate and maintain the Panama Canal.

In Chinese cooking, it is important to maintain the proper balance between yin and yang foods.

The United States has maintained an economic blockade of Cuba for almost forty years.

2. [verb] to state or assert;

My grandfather maintains that young people these days just don’t show courtesy to people like they did in his day.

The vast majority of economists maintain that immigration benefits our country financially.

Freud maintained that our behavior is governed by instinctual drives, such as the sexual drive.