Magnanimous in a sentence

Use Magnanimous in a sentence

Magnanimous meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] big-hearted, kind and generous to someone (especially you’ve defeated) ;

The rich man was known for his magnanimous donations.

All credit to the team captain for never giving up and their magnanimous attitude in defeat.

In victory, the party leader was not magnanimous, demanding the resignation of opponents.

The President’s victory speech that night was anything but magnanimous.

He felt himself extra humiliated by Sigismund’s magnanimous behaviour.

He will be always kind, generous and magnanimous to all.

This treaty is as magnanimous as it is just to a defeated foe.

As Emperor he tried to be magnanimous and always heard petitions with an open-mind.

The court fined Grossman the magnanimous sum of $1.

In the aftermath of defeat Vice-president was magnanimous : ‘He ran an outstanding campaign”.