Lummox in a sentence

Use Lummox in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] clumsy person ;

My teammate was a lummox in the outfield with many errors, which made me crazy.

My sister is a lummox, which is a disadvantage to her.

His wife Lena wants to divorce him because he is a lummox, confused and oblivious man.

I have always been a lummox, tripping, dropping, falling with alarming regularity.

Though a lummox and slightly silly, Yumi is also very kind and friendly.

Ozzy is the intelligent one, obsessed with eating eggs while Strut is a lummox and has more interest in plants.

Hercules grows into a strong but a lummox teenage boy who cannot control his godly strength, causing havoc and alienating those around him.

Elsie has a sweet, pure and innocent personality but is rather a lummox and easily distracted, which causes Keima to consider her unreliable.