Lubricant in a sentence

Use Lubricant in a sentence

Lubricant ;

Meaning: [noun] A substance such as oil capable of reducing friction;

High operating temperatures shorten lubricant life.

Lubricate the chain with climate-specific bike lubricant (twice a month in wet weather).

The silent room smelled of metal lubricant and floor wax.

To fix the problem, use a water-based lubricant.

A new research consortium will study lubricant use in advanced and alternate fuel vehicle engines.

When changing oil, use a suction pump; it draws old lubricant out of the crankcase and minimizes mess.

Don’t use oil or grease as a lubricant, as these substances trap dirt.

The use of an anti-seize lubricant, such as Tef-Gel, will impede future corrosion.

Dust off your bicycle, squirt lubricant on the chain, and set it up with an odometer.