loyalist in a sentence

Resistance was another option for loyalist women.

By the next morning, the loyalist forces had collapsed.

He was close to the influential loyalist Hirano Kuniomi.

Another 10,000 served in loyalist militia or “associations.”

There was widespread loyalist violence across Northern Ireland.

This marked the end of the loyalist feud which had begun in July.

On May 5, 1862, loyalist troops defeat Napoleon III’s troops at Puebla.

In 2008, she established the Erin Davis Women in Radio Award at loyalist College.

loyalist bombings and shootings, and punishment beatings from both sides, continued.

loyalist settlers began encroaching on Algonquin lands shortly after the Revolution.

In November 18, 1780, Cuzco dispatched over 1,300 Hispanic and Indian loyalist troops.

As loyalist allies of the losing British, the Iroquois were pushed to Canada after the war.

The British and loyalist troops were caught completely by surprise; many were still asleep.

The loyalist casualties numbered 35 killed and 30 wounded, and a large number were taken prisoner.