Louisville in a sentence

Louisville is fifth in tournament victories (62).

Game Summary – Virginia Tech vs. Louisville, NCAA.org.

“Farmer Weaver was a catcher-outfielder for Louisville.

At halftime, the score was 17 10 in Louisville‘s favor.

US 17A/GA 25A then moves eastward on Old Louisville Road.

Tom Cruise’s oldest sister, Lee Anne, was born in Louisville.

In 1951, Gilliam graduated from Central High School in Louisville.

Source: Hedgepeth Dodd spent nearly twenty seven years in Louisville.

Days before I left for Louisville I had a deep foreboding about my safety.

Louisville 7, Pawtucket 1 – Boston.com rally :To come back from a deficit.

The sack was one of three earned by the Louisville offense during the game.

Fans from all over the world come to Louisville to celebrate Beatles music.

The Taylor Barracks at Third and Oak in Louisville recruited black soldiers.

None of these protections for Louisville have survived into the 21st century.

They ran six races that year, with a best finish of 12th coming at Louisville.

Louisville’s population is about 58% White; 38% Black, 2% Asian, 1.3% Hispanic.

Louisville’s population is about 58% White; 38% Black, 2% Asian, 1.3% Hispanics.

Lowery with the band played everywhere from Daytona to Atlanta to Louisville, KY.

Soon after, the group parted ways, with Lester re-forming his Louisville Moonglows.

She had known Clement from Louisville Municipal College where he had been president.

The distillery is located about 30 minutes South of Louisville in Clermont, Kentucky.

The ep was released in 2000 by local Louisville record store/label Better Days Records.

Black Union soldiers who died in service were buried in the Louisville Eastern Cemetery.

The 1954 Louisville Cardinals went 3-6, with the last win at home against Morehead State.

Brandeis graduated from the Louisville Male High School at age 14 with the highest honors.

Prior to this game, Miami had never lost to Louisville, owning an all-time record of 9-0-1.

Louisville Pregame Line: Louisville -3.5 This was the eleventh meeting between the schools.

January 2, 2006. Accessed May 18, 2008. Louisville, meanwhile, returned to its winning ways.

Soon after completion of the Carthage plant, a second factory was built in Louisville, Kentucky.

Associated Press. April 20, 1980. *”Harvester Resumes Output in Louisville As Pacts Are Cleared.”

Waste office paper will be recycled through the Metro Louisville‘s “Office Paper Recycling Program”.

Even Mayor Abramson admitted Louisville‘s current bike path offerings were a “urban planning mistake”.

James, George Rogers Clark, 166. However, Clark and his soldiers were given land across from Louisville.

After living there about a year there he moved again to Louisville, Kentucky where he continued teaching.

The extra point kick was good, and with 10:42 remaining in the first quarter, Louisville took a 7 0 lead.

Mark Beyer, a Louisville keyboard player and recording engineer wrote the score for the live performances.

Its Director was Jim Williams of the University of Louisville, and Steve Max served as its Associate Director.