Loquacious in a sentence

Use Loquacious in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] talkative;

Mr Brown himself is not terribly loquacious , despite being in a business where talking is like breathing.

The normally loquacious father had nothing to say for that circumstance.

The loquacious customer would like to stand and chat all afternoon! Oh My God!

Normally loquacious , I was rendered mute.

But though his lips disdained to address me, his eyes were very loquacious.

The main character, Horacio Oliveira, is a well-read and loquacious bohemian.

She is very loquacious when relaxed and loves attention.

Then she heard the distinctive sounds of a loquacious Siamese cat, and a human voice raised in exasperation.

Never loquacious , Iris was for the moment totally lost for words.

He was hearty, jovial, loquacious and argumentative.