loosely in a sentence

The term operating system is often used rather loosely .

The energy times loosely implemented refers each marketing.

All air guns are very loosely regulated.

The adolescent problem novel is rather loosely defined.

These techniques were loosely grouped under corresponding natural elements.

This tale is placed loosely in continuity.

The show is loosely based on actual events.

One primary school interpreted this rather loosely .

This happens when words are too loosely defined.

Such workshops were more loosely monitored by local authorities.

Several smaller provinces were loosely defined within the main regions.

Work system has been used loosely in many areas.

These houses are loosely clustered with generous space between each lodging.

The formulation is loosely based on quantum game theory.

It was often loosely organized and regionally established.

The artificial intelligence community sometimes uses terminology a bit loosely .

The concept often loosely mixed tenets of socialism.

loosely fitting belt is also shown.

I use “engaged” loosely here.

You are using the term ignorant rather loosely .

I use ” story” very loosely .

A yellow scarf hung loosely around her neck.

His walk was nicely balanced, arms swinging loosely .

loosely aggregated bodies may break apart under high rotation rates.

I use the term boat quite loosely .