loophole in a sentence

Such arguments are generally called ” loophole theories.

Naked greed and legal loopholes encourage very bad behavior.

All these fortified houses contained rifle loopholes .

The loophole here was the majority vote.

The loophole was intended to accommodate variety shows.

The scientists took several steps to close both loopholes .

The nasty details concerning exemptions and loopholes came later .

They close inefficient corporate tax loopholes to raise revenue.

The so-called tax loopholes are legitimate deductions .

The poor legislation writing which created the loophole is broken.

The existing “if available” loophole will disappear.

But the law has too many loopholes to reassure nervous investors.

The law comes with some notable loopholes .

Many abusers have escaped through this loophole .

Various ways of using this loophole are under current investigation.

This loophole was eventually closed by new federal regulations.

It was a loophole in legal protection.

Or do those few still find some loopholes ?

He also plugged three more loopholes exploited by companies.

The guidance contains far too many loopholes for any meaningful protection.