longshot in a sentence

A longshot Kenya is returning to Miss Universe after a 10-year absence.

Although the planes’ noise could be disruptive, Doig admits it’s a longshot.

I know it’s a longshot, but I hope that it can be done, Reid told reporters in Las Vegas.

But put in the mouth of a man who sees providence in a very lucky longshot, we forgive it.

Prior to the 2012 Summer Games, Douglas was the unknown newcomer viewed as an Olympic longshot.

One of the many X-Babies created is a young version of longshot himself.

Powers, abilities, and equipment longshot was created through genetic engineering by Arize.

longshot, once again, got lucky and landed in the Crystal Palace after the transport went wrong.

longshot recently aided Magneto in breaking out of prison, and the two may be planning something.

Other members of the X-Men, led by Dazzler, travel to the island, without Xavier’s knowledge, to free longshot.

The X-Men journey to the island longshot is on, assuming he is innocent and was framed and thus offer to help him.

Exiles 89 Blink, longshot, and Spider-Man are brainwashed by HYDRA leaving only Sabretooth to pick up Morph and Psylocke.