Lofty in a sentence

Use Lofty in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] with high standard; high; arrogant; in a proud unfriendly way;

Most workers set lofty retirement savings goals for themselves.

lofty expectations only led to massive disappointment.

This lofty apartment is 85 feel long, and 45 broad.

The Seahawks entered the 2004 season with lofty expectations.

Reviewers seem less open to such lofty ideals.

She has such a lofty manner that almost all her friends hate her.

The young man has lofty ideals of equality and social justice in the society, but it is really hard to realize them.

Highland was named for its lofty elevation.

But lofty expectations only led to massive disappointment .

This lofty goal is within your grasp. If you believe yourself, you can do it.