locksmith in a sentence

In the Oregon town of Reedsport, locksmith Marvin Plunkett says he’s disappointed that public opinion about the law remains so negative.

Singh proudly bragged how he had saved thousands of dollars by working odd jobs between semesters, like his summer work at the locksmith.

He has a brother named Andrew, a skilled locksmith.

However, a locksmith overhears their conversation and the steals the key for himself.

Soon after, Gypsy Moth was kidnapped by Tick-Tock and locksmith who used technological means to nullify her powers.

Early life Abraham Darby was the son of John Darby, a yeoman farmer and locksmith by trade, and his wife, Ann Baylies.

Rogues knew a good deal about lock-picking long before locksmiths discussed it among themselves, as they have lately done.