local authorities in a sentence

The circular pushed local authorities towards change.

The local authorities calculate this tax annually.

There are too many local authorities and too many councillors.

Some local authorities have designated very few conservation areas.

All local authorities are starved of funding.

local authorities using video cameras determine their own controls.

local authorities owe certain duties to children generally.

Practice differed across local authorities relating to funded escorted travel.

local authorities regulate air pollution from smaller industrial processes.

Most local authorities already have such powers.

Such workshops were more loosely monitored by local authorities .

Police and local authorities were much less welcoming.

The excess ballast produced was sold to local authorities .

Some statutes impose fairly clear tasks for local authorities .

A pilot whale drive is always under supervision of local authorities .

local authorities check that water entering rivers meets minimum standards.

The report proposed various simple preparedness techniques to local authorities .

For many local authorities the early 1980s were difficult years.

The report questioned 80 women in seven local authorities .

local authorities admit the pollution is severe.

local authorities listened and were generally responsive.

That should please teachers and local authorities .

local authorities were flooded with frantic phone calls .

Some governments and local authorities are supporting greenproposals.