Lobbyist in a sentence

Use Lobbyist in a sentence

Lobbyist ;

Meaning: [noun] person trying to persuade people to support
a particular cause;

The production of that medicine will be cancelled largely because health care lobbyists oppose such research.

In 1989 lobbyists spent $2.2m entertaining anonymous politicians.

Such an approach has been opposed by trial lawyer lobbyists.

Can an environmental activist compete with an oil lobbyist?

He earns a lot as a lobbyist for the billion dollar car industry.

A lobbyist group has been hired and results are already being seen.

The county has hired a federal lobbyist to represent its interests.

The company alone pays 48 lobbyists to lobby for the loophole.

He denied knowing that lobbyists had paid for travel expenses.

Like all protest lobbyists, he has a booklet.

I’ve never needed a lobbyist personally to put my case.