Lobbying | in a sentence

Local cyclists are lobbying the municipal government to make more bicycle paths in the city.

Environmental groups are lobbying the government to stop the destruction of virgin rainforest.

Intense lobbying by consumer groups in the 1930s forced governments around the world to outlaw false claims in advertising.

After intensive lobbying by the hospitality industry, the state decided to relax the smoking regulations in bars and restaurants.

The lobbying is meant to encourage academy voters to watch the films.

There will be a last-minute lobbying effort against Wheeler’s proposal.

The American Racing Pigeon Union has a lobbying firm to work on its behalf.

AIPAC has also formed a tax-exempt lobbying group to rally opposition to the deal.

The family began lobbying lawmakers to decriminalize the oil almost two years ago.

Blumenthal and Cardin are Jewish and faced heavy lobbying from their constituents.

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association is lobbying to change the laws in those states.

Some grieving family members have been lobbying the administration to pay kidnappers.

The Washington lobbying firm Dickstein Shapiro has said Hastert no longer works there.

And it’s lobbying hard to contain the disruption to the $11 billion global taxi market.

” Despite his frenetic pace this week, Garcetti said there’s a limit to all the lobbying.

We have always been transparent and reported all our organization’s lobbying activities.”

Sgro and his allies aren’t waiting to see the bill before they start lobbying against it.

The airline industry’s main trade and lobbying group wants more uniform rules on the issue.

833352 They’re always subject to heavy lobbying from the food industry and other interests.

The group has considerable lobbying clout and its positions tend to influence policymakers.

He swims, sings, eats well and is also constantly engaging his brain by lobbying for change.

“If you come to Washington and serve in Congress, there should be a lifetime ban on lobbying.”

It bans any person from acting as a consultant to the government and lobbying at the same time.

The Times’s front focuses on the prince’s lobbying “to loosen controls on alternative medicine”.

Google is a lobbying powerhouse The search company is making inroads in terms of sheer influence.