loamy in a sentence

The fast-growing, glossy evergreen prefers a loamy, well-draining soil and is drought-tolerant in these conditions.

The rich loamy smell of the fen autumn night washed over his face; strong, yet fresh.

They are also found in areas with rocky, loamy soils.

These loamy sands extend southward through the marsh area.

Soils in Columbia are well drained in most cases, with grayish brown loamy sand topsoil.

Carabus auratus is to be found in fields and amongst bushes, particularly on loamy soil.

Firsby has always been an agriculturally based village with a dark and rich loamy soil over a heavy clay subsoil.

A soil formed in loamy glacial till, it has good potential for agriculture and forestry.

The soil composition is what one would expect from this: throughout the even areas it is overwhelmingly sands and loamy layers.