litigation || in a sentence

Burton said it is company policy not to comment on pending litigation.

A Volkswagen spokeswoman declined to comment on the pending litigation.

At one time he thought litigation would bring relief from that anguish.

They further clarified that the discussion concerned litigation matters.

Creditors may fare better if they delay litigation until an actual default.

The lender set aside £129m for litigation, mainly for mortgage-backed bonds.

This does not end the litigation relating to the collapse of Knowledge House.

Omnicare said it settled the case to end litigation and committed no wrongdoing.

The firm has 500 lawyers around the world and specializes in complex litigation.

If they decide to delist the bear, “then we would consider litigation,” he said.

We can avoid years and years of protracted civil litigation, Rawlings-Blake said.

Filing a class action lawsuit is a first step in the litigation of alleged claims.

This announcement now opens the door to litigation from holders of defaulted bonds.

You should consult with an attorney if you have any ongoing or potential litigation.”

Public litigation by scholars does indeed have a long and often distinguished history.

He worked in the litigation team at Hogan Lovells, specializing in white-collar crime.

The litigation is part of a long-running battle over News Corp’s marketing operations.

He will focus his practice on serious personal injury and product liability litigation.