literally in a sentence

It literally took less than 10 minutes.

Our culture is literally submerged in such references.

It literally takes less than 15 seconds!

Taken literally the story makes little sense.

It is intended to last literally forever.

The highway literally was breaking into pieces.

They quite literally sold public honours and privileges.

This person is literally playing with fire.

It is literally “death by chocolate”.

I am literally straight off the farm.

I mean what is inside is literally reflected outside.

This kid was raised by wolves – literally .

Rescue organizations literally rescue “homeless” cats and kittens.

Between 1740 and 1745 literally thousands were converted.

These answers should never be taken too literally .

This tape has literally saved thousands of lives!

She is literally always looking for attention.

You literally model pieces of men women find incredibly attractive.

We also find cases where human beings literally become angels.

It literally means having a second job.

She was terribly neglected and literally starved.