Liniment in a sentence

Use Liniment in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] soothing lotion or oil rubbed on your skin ;

Tiger balm liniment is an effective topical pain relieving oil.

I personally hate the smell of tiger balm and liniments !

She let him treat her ankle and put liniment on it.

The boy lived in a nursery which smelled of medicine and liniment.

Warm therapy helps loosen joints; liniments and wraps help support the joint.

To me, mint is something you put in liniments and medicinal ointments.

These witches were reputed to use undomesticated toads as ingredients in their liniments and brews.

Liniment may also be applied as a preventative measure to minimize stiffness and ease any minor strain or swelling.

It is an alcohol based liniment used to treat stiffness, chronic and acute pain and should also be in your stock of household medicines.