limitless in a sentence

Natural resources are not limitless.

We have used earth’s energy resources as if they were limitless.

The greed of some people, such as rich movie stars who do advertising to get even more money, seems to be almost limitless.

Your options are basically limitless and everybody has their own favorite brand or shape.

The convenience of the Fanny Pack is limitless, and it holds no bounds when it comes to comfort.

We know that those with the greatest talent in attitudinal warfare have limitless opportunities.

Africa is the world’s newest and most promising frontier of limitless opportunity, Kenyatta said.

When music is limitless, brevity becomes even more appealing Why does this strategy appeal to her?

“His love for life and for his Marilee was limitless,” said Rob Burke, a Seattle filmmaker and friend.

The options are close to limitless with advancing technology.

He determined that the capacity for pictures is almost limitless.

The overall feeling the song communicates is one of limitless freedom.

The variations and ending positions for this move are virtually limitless.

The reporting capabilities are limitless and all forms and reports are customizable.

It is a synthetic outlook, recognizing God as the one limitless supreme consciousness.

He is able to elongate his arms and tentacles on his back to seemingly limitless lengths.

Focusing on the limitless opportunities awaiting present and future generations of women leaders.

From this it follows limitless time, space, power and so forth are humanly speaking inconceivable.

In this form, the limitless amount of ki flowing through him greatly strengthens his supernatural abilities.

This heralded the Dark Phoenix Saga which saw the X-men battling the nearly limitless power of the Phoenix force.

Sullivan, 147 Pettoruti’s limitless, modernist approach to the arts had an everlasting effect on the art world in Argentina.

There is no limit, but neither is there anything limitless; there is no exhausting, but neither is there anything inexhaustible.