lightweight in a sentence

Overall, the hat was durable and lightweight.

However, they can be too lightweight for some uses.

These usually use vermiculite as lightweight aggregate.

Also lightweight casing were fitted to gearbox and differential.

Gomi was crowned the Pride 2005 lightweight Grand Prix champion.

The lightweight was in service by many armys all over the world.

349 was later marketed for lightweight highway duty in the 1980s.

Morales also stated that he will continue to fight as a lightweight.

Hanks was now holder of both the featherweight and lightweight titles.

A lightweight version, weighing a mere 60 lb (27 kg) was also developed.

Beginning with the STS-6 mission, a lightweight ET (LWT), was introduced.

For women, the NCAA Rowing Championships do not have a lightweight event.

Also in 1965 new lightweight equipment arrived, most notably AR-15 rifles.

For priests and bishops, it is made of lightweight material, usually white.

His stellar performances in 1927 put him at 3 in the lightweight rankings.