Liberal party || in a sentence

The Liberal party won about 53% of the vote in the urban areas.

The Liberal party‘s campaign has been quite unsuccessful so far.

I had anticipated that the Liberal party would win the election.

The preceding political advertisement was paid for by the Liberal party.

A fierce battle is being fought for the leadership of the Liberal party.

The Liberal party want her to run as a candidate in the upcoming provincial election.

The Liberal party hopes to regain a number of seats which it lost in the last election.

The Liberal party has declared its intention to reform employment laws in this country.

The voting in that area tends to swing between the Liberal party and the Conservatives.

The Liberal party in Canada has had a tough job selling the idea of federalism in Quebec.

The departure of Pierre Trudeau from the federal Liberal party signaled the end of an era in Canadian politics.

The Liberal party‘s majority has disintegrated in this election, due to their failed policies and numerous scandals.

Even the keenest supporters of the Liberal party are having doubts about their leader following this latest scandal.

After two back-to-back majorities, the Liberal party looks like it is heading into a minority government in the next election.

A merger of the right-wing political parties now seems to be the only feasible way of defeating the Liberal party in this country.

Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s son is widely described in the media as a potential leadership candidate for the Liberal party.

742342 The Liberal party is holding a ballot for the leader and deputy roles.

He had trouble getting 50 Liberal party members to sign his nomination papers.

The number of veterans running for the Liberal party is into the double digits.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark, who leads the governing Liberal party, defended Miller.

536081 Only one way to go It would be difficult for the Yukon Liberal party to go anywhere but up.

The Bahamas is StrongerMadam President, under this Progressive Liberal party Governmentled by the Rt.