leverage in a sentence

With this leverage, he forces them to leave Halmas.

The D-handle therefore provides no mechanical leverage.

If leverage is used then there are two lines instead of one.

The transaction marks the fifth-largest leveraged buyout in history.

Over $226 million has been leveraged in loans for refugee asset purchases.

As such, a Matrix RAID can be leveraged for performance and data integrity.

leverage is here calculated as debt (i.e. total liabilities) to equity (i.e.

Thus, he would presumably have succeeded with better leverage and motivation.

He hoped that it could provide the leverage to improve lower-level math courses.

The risk-based capital guidelines are supplemented by a leverage ratio requirement.

OurGrid leverages from the fact that people do not use their computers all the time.

He has a crush on Ginger which Zeke uses as leverage to pay for Stinky Cast’s videos.

He also leveraged his football experience to bring his entrepreneurial vision to life.

With much of the debt from its leveraged buyout erased, MAI began buying up existing firms.

The length of the shank determines the degree of leverage put on the horse’s head and mouth.

Degree of operating leverage and degree of financial leverage are, in effect, being combined.

leverage extends the spectrum The use of leverage can extend the progression out even further.

No infrastructure needs to be built along the road; only the mobile phone network is leveraged.

Portfolio leverage An investor adds leverage to the portfolio by borrowing the risk-free asset.

The principle of leverage can also be derived using Newton’s laws of motion, and modern statics.

During the season he is repeatedly kidnapped by Phillip Bauer and is used as leverage over Jack.

Wallstreet fought back, and applied the abdominal stretch with the use of the ropes for leverage.

While these investments are credited with major turnaround and growth, they overleveraged the company.

Additionally this arrangement is attractive to firms seeking to pursue strategies of leveraged growth.

Due to the leverage, brokers must get a separate client agreement before the client can trade warrants.

The motivation for the change is to discourage leveraged buyouts by reducing the tax shield effectiveness.

Later, Valentine pinned Junkyard Dog with his feet on the ropes for leverage, which is an illegal maneuver.

Post Office employees who wanted to leverage their buying power by purchasing goods directly from wholesalers.

The following example shows a very simple room that leverages functions defined in the mudlib object /lib/room.

His fighting style involves quick jumps and biting attacks, using trees for leverage while laughing “Hehhihihi”.

Length and leverage The length of the shank determines the degree of leverage put on the horse’s head and mouth.

The combination of MBS losses and leverage rendered their ability to perform their counterparty role less certain.

To find this leverage ratio, search for “Selected Financial Data” in each linked Form 10-K or exhibit to that Form.

This led to Nash hitting Joe in the groin and placing his feet on the ropes for leverage in his winning pin attempt.

Often with very long handles, to maintain enough leverage when working in a deep vessel, far away from the handrest.

Their acquisition of Orkin Exterminating Company in 1964 is among the first significant leveraged buyout transactions.

The actual realised rate of return will depend on the amount of borrowed funds, or leverage, used to purchase the asset.

Kitchen scissors have the fulcrum located farther from the handles to provide more leverage and thus more cutting power.

Henry told her that whoever controlled those files would have the leverage to bring the Spaulding family to their knees.

She has managed to leverage her online popularity by striking deals with firms like PPPcard, Jonah P Davies (2006-04-24).

SAML 2.0 provides a well-defined, interoperable metadata format that entities can leverage to bootstrap the trust process.