Lethal in a sentence

use Lethal in a sentence


[adjective] deathly, causing death;

The victim died from a lethal blow to the head.

Marilyn Monroe died after taking a lethal dose of sleeping pills.

He is a karate expert, and his hands are lethal weapons.

The police were obliged to use lethal force to stop the man from killing his children.

The chemicals being poured into the water by the factories are lethal to fish living in the river.

The prisoner was executed by lethal injection at 10:00 this morning.

The junkie died after injecting himself with a lethal dose of high-grade heroin.

Lethal fumes released from a Union Carbide plant resulted in thousands of deaths in Bhopal, India.

Shanahan and Yzerman have proved to be a lethal combination for the Detroit team.

Ebola is one of the most lethal viruses known to medical science.

When a person drives while drunk, his car may be turned into a lethal weapon.